5 practical ways to attract international guests to your hotel

Nowadays, people are much into international traveling. People want to explore the world more, that’s why they like to travel, especially on holidays vacations or for any business meeting.

Between 2011 and 2020, international travelers to the United States are expected to grow from 62.8 million to 90.3 million.

International guests are essential and valuable for any hotel as they stayed longer nights in the hotels, spend more and give good reviews. Good reviews help to more customers.

Here, I am going to share some fundamental strategies that can help you with hotel management.

  1. Appoint translator and currency exchange facility

The website of your hotel should language friendly because no one like to check a website in another language which the cant understands. Customers will start looking for another site for booking they find your website inaccessible.

Also, appoint a translator in your hotel to translate the language for your guest. This way, the guest will be feeling comfortable as he is facing not a hurdle in communication. Besides this also arrange currency exchange facility for your international guests.

Knowing that your significant customers are from other countries, providing a translator and currency exchange method can help to bring positive reviews for your hotel.

  1. Take the services of a digital marketer

Take the services of a digital marketer. He will tell you from where your audience is coming from and where is the right audience for you. You can start posting content relevant to the need of your customers or work better to achieve the content level; your customers are looking forward.

1.5 million people are using Facebook, and you never know who can become your regular customers just by visiting those pages.

  1. Partnership with bloggers and vloggers

As this is the era of technology and innovation, you must adopt new ways of marketing your business. If you partner with some of the bloggers or vloggers and invite them to their hotels to stay and ask them for a review on their channel. These tactics also help to keep increasing your customers

  1. Bring advancement in your website and Facebook page

Your website and social media pages should be up to date and don’t have slow speed. You are going to experience guests from developed countries. So, from your hotel cleanliness to your website, all the stuff and content should be up to date.

  1. Make links with the third party

Most people also arrange tickets and booking from third people or with the people of their references. Search from where the flooded audience is coming from and make references in that area.

  1. Do lead generation

Email marketing is a popular way to market services. You can do email campaigns and can send the latest updates on any discount or promo to international clients. This creates awareness and makes potential customers in the future.

Summary of the article:

You can also provide other facilities like flexible hotel timings, quick checks in, free transportation charges, and 24 room services to attract your international customers.

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