Hotel Arctic: Ulysses, Denmark

Greenland is geographically in North America but it is part of Denmark. This is why the Four Star Hotel, located in the most northern of Denmark, is located on the Arctic Circle. From this location, guests can also visit the glacier called ‘Ilulissat Icefjord’, a World Heritage site. There are five steps to take a closer look at the glacier.

Next Village: Zermatt, Switzerland

In the Swiss Alps, the feeling is something else, at a height of 2,700 meters. It is set on the next village. Temperatures often reach minus a degree Celsius even within the next, but the warm water pool is a unique experience in such situations.

Shelley Grand Flu: Nestl Vignal, Austria

Relaxing can be very tasty. Especially if the drift is in a shell at the beginning of the ellipse. It is located at eleven hundred meters high in the Tin Hammer Valley of Tirol. A great kitchen offers guests a delicious local dish. There are also many opportunities to enjoy skiing nearby.

Ski Resort 1950: Les Arcs, France

Les Arcs is an excellent ski resort located in the French Alps, right in front of the hill called Blanc. There are many luxury apartments and the restaurant is of the highest quality.

Zrlinghof: Ran-tum on slit, Germany

When a cold wave hits the northern slopes of Germany, it is time for a hike in the Zولrlinghof. This five-star hotel offers tourists a great opportunity to enjoy the winter, too.

Zero Real Estate: Toggenburg, Switzerland

The feature of this hotel is that it consists of only one room. No roof, no walls. Just a bed at twelve hundred meters high, on which the sky can be seen. It is near Zurich. Yes, do not forget that staying at this hotel as a guest will also give you a private kitchen, the food of your choice. But it may not be appropriate to go here in the winter.

Sitting in famous places in Rome forbidden

Tourists wishing to take a cheap or selfie on the famous Spanish staircase in Rome may be disappointed. In early August, the local administration banned seating. If someone was caught doing this, they could be fined up to 400 euros.

Change the route of cruise ships in Venice

Such scenes are common in the famous Italian tourist destination Venice. A large number of cruise ships travel the canals and become anchored at specific destinations built in the middle of the city. Locals have expressed concern over aquatic life and air pollution. That is why the Italian government is considering changing the route of some cruise ships.

The locals say hello to Spanish cities

Be the beach or a city famous for its style. Spanish residents are upset because of the large number of tourists. In cities like Barcelona, the number of locals has decreased due to tourists. Due to the increase in food and housing costs, locals are migrating to the suburbs. The mayor of Barcelona has threatened to halt cruise ships and restrict airport expansion.

Game of Thrones’ crowd in Croatia

The popular TV series “Game of Thrones” has also been filmed in Croatia’s leading city of Dubrovnik. That’s why a large number of fans of this series are also visiting the city. In 2019, all records were broken. By July this year, nearly 7 million tourists visited the city, which is 20 percent higher than in 2018. The city has limited the number of cruise ships, and plans to further reduce it by 2020.

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