The World’s Most Expensive Rooms Set Up In Luxury Hotels


When you plan to vacation in the city or out of the country, the most basic issue is when to stay in a hotel – and everyone wants the hotel room to be equipped with all the latest amenities. Yes – but the fact is, for that very occasion, it is said, “The sweeter the mud,” the better the amount will be available – we are referring to the world’s most expensive rooms. Located in various luxury hotels – these rooms are, in fact, like a full-fledged apartment with all the modern conveniences.

Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel:

The Piedmont Wilson Hotel is located in Geneva and is considered to be one of the most beautiful five-star hotels in the world. The whole apartment is called) – The rent of this room is $ 52,000 per night, and it makes this room the most expensive room in the world – this room is a favorite of the heads of state and political leaders. And it’s also hosted by celebrities like Bill Clinton – Tony Blair and Bill Gates – a room spread over 5500 square feet. Built on the 8th floor of the Till – and the window glass in this room is 6 cm thick and completely bulletproof – this window can be seen overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva – the Grand Piano Deluxe Fitness Center in the room. ٬ Satellite TV and high-speed Internet facilities are also available –

The Lunatic Hotel Moon:

Construction of this beautiful and unique hotel is expected by 2050 – The construction of this hotel is absolutely necessary to transport water steel to the moon – according to the Rotor Dam designer Hans Jurgen Rombaut, this building is also being constructed by existing minerals. Can be easily done –

Hydro polis Dubai:

The world’s first underwater resort to be built in Dubai – the hotel was designed by Joachim Hauser and Professor Roland Dieterle – the resort will consist of three different sections, including the Land Station Train and the Underground. Hotels are included – It is also said that a 10-star hotel will be built 66 feet deep above the Persian Gulf level. The project will cost $ 300 million.

Hotel Pods:

Surprisingly, it will be a hotel that can be folded and moved from one place to another – this modern hotel will be built on bamboo and will have all the luxurious amenities – plus a, What’s more, guests staying at the hotel will be able to design their own rooms.

The Diamond Ring Hotel:

The hotel that is being built in the future is also called as Voyager V1 – This hotel will be built in Abu Dhabi – More details have not been disclosed regarding this hotel. However, it has been revealed that the hotel will be in the form of a fairway.

Water World Hotel:

The hotel will be built on a lake in Songjiang, China, and was designed by Atkin Architecture Group – the company won first prize in comparison to internationally-designed construction last year – consisting of 400 rooms. Cafes and restaurants will also be set up at the hotel resort – there will also be adventures such as bungee jumping and rock climbing.

The Poseidon Undersea Resort:

Bruce Jone, a talented submarine designer, has volunteered to build a lucrative resort on the island of Fiji – the highlight of the resort’s 22-foot underwater restaurant at the Barber Library Conference. There are wedding halls and massage centers – hardly anyone would like to go here.

Full Moon and Crescent Hotel:

The hotel is under construction in Baku, Azerbaijan. The hotel is being built on the west coast of Absheron Island. It looks like a disc in the hotel, and it has been revealed that its design matches the moon. Burns – The 43-story hotel will have offices and residential apartments – it will be built in the style of luxury Dubai hotels.

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