Tourism as well as work is very important!!!!!

Tourism is very important to us as much as work is important to us. Work hard in the office hours and when your work hours are over, it is also important to relax yourself. In the present, we watch TV in our spare time or on social media. Use. Many people spend their free time on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. and think that we are having fun. But the reality is exactly the opposite. In the past, people used to spend their free time chatting with their friends and relatives, playing ludo, eating peanuts, drinking tea, going to the park.

Why is Tourism and hospitality important?

In many parks there are still many elders sitting in the morning or in the evening talking to each other. Tea are drinking. Visit the garden together. Often the bridegroom’s excuse would go to the relatives a few days before the wedding, and they would have fun together. But as time progresses we are forgetting all these things. We have no time for all these things. We spend a lot of time with our class fellows and relatives. We have no time to be together. Whether an excuse is a chance for happiness or even a meeting of grief, everyone is sitting nearby, but instead of talking to each other, they are engaged with mobile.

How can tourism be helpful in increasing the employment?

When we are constantly using the screen, it not only affects our vision but it also affects our health. Sitting together enhances our capabilities. Talking to each other gives our hearts and minds peace. When a person lives his life within society then he is protected from many diseases. Most of us see wealth only as a sustenance and are constantly seeking to increase it. But in this endeavor he loses his second most valuable asset. In addition to wealth, good health, good children, good friends, good environment, good relatives, siblings, parents and good spouse are no less precious. Sometimes we leave all these relationships behind in the pursuit of making money. The money comes to us, but later we realize that we have lost everything else. Many people do not even work for the whole week and they are desperately waiting for the Sunday holidays. And instead of spending the holidays they spend all their time in front of the screen, whether it’s a TV screen or a mobile screen. We do not spend our free time nowadays in the natural surroundings and do not see the vegetable. And many suffer from life-threatening illnesses and lose their lives.

We imitate the Lord in every case, but we do not follow Him in this matter. They work very hard and hard for five days and afterwards they open their meals.

Face difficulties

If you are going to a strange place, especially in a new country totally different from your culture and traditions. So this tourism will increase your ability to cope with problems and you will be able to solve various problems and difficult situations logically.

Improve friendship

If you are traveling with a classmate or school group, it will increase the love and sincerity they already have. And all people will be closer to each other than ever before, and have a chance to learn from each other.

Take advantage of experiences

Meeting new people, listening to their stories, witnessing their living and taking advantage of their experiences increases your mental capacity. The world has a chance to understand. If you do not understand their language, but body language is understandable.

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