Tourism to Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe; by the invitation of Pauline Christianity from Palestine, all of Europe has become Christian. In terms of region, Australia is the smallest continent in the world, while the third largest by population.

  1. Poland (Warsaw) 2. Belarus (Minsk) 2. Ukraine (Q). Moldova (Chisinau)

2 – Romania (Bucharest) 2 – Bulgaria (Soumya) Greece (Athens)

Western Europe:

The Nazi Party was also concentrated in the famous German city of Rumburg. The US bombing in World War II was badly hit. Nowadays, the industrial city is in Atlantic. The textile and textile industries are a disappointment.

  • Netherlands (Amsterdam): – The whole city of canals and mills is laid by the river Emerson.
  • Belgium (Brussels)
  • Luxembourg (Luxembourg) extends over 3 miles.
  • France (Paris). The Eiffel Tower is aromatic. It is a province in the continent of Africa with Madagascar. Currency language – National Blue – 5 miles long and 3 miles Wide Island. Although the continent is different, it is counted in France.
  • Spain (Madrid) says that the first people who settled in the region after Hurricane Nineties were the Indians.

But they were still. They are called pomegranates in the Roman language. It is spectacular and has a historic fort. It was built in the fourth century. Muhammad ibn al-Ahms al-Numri shaped it as the center of the empire in 7 AH. The historical site near the door is called Burj-ul-Hassa, which is also called al-Qusayah. The first thing you did was to do the wood here. During the reign of Salman ibn Abdul Malik, Andalus Samh ibn Malik Khulani moved from the capital Aspalya to Cordoba.

Northern Europe

  • Estonia (Talpin)
  • Latvia (Riga)
  • Lithuania (Vilnius) these three countries are called the Baltic.
  • Denmark (Coupon Pagan), this means that the snooker game is not invented by the Danish people.
  • Norway (Oslo) is a northern city of one hundred and sixty thousand (thermos), north for 6 months and 6 months night. The light at night is visible in our country about half an hour before the west. In order to reach the questionnaire one has to cross the North.
  • Sweden (Stockholm), there are thousands of lakes and the Tower of the City Hall is the Nobel Tower.
  • Finland (Pulaski) is famous for its Nokia mobile. There are thousands of lakes.

Northwestern Europe

  • The United Kingdom (London) United Kingdom consists of four states Scotland (Highland) Ireland, England, South Wales.
  • The Marsh Library is based in Ireland with a study cage so that books are not stolen, the first translation of the Holy Quran in English by George Sell is also present here. It was published in 3 Ch. The Betty Library is also here.
  • Oxford: It is about 5 miles from London. The University of Missouri is Seattle. It started its development in the seventeenth century. It has no buildings of its own. The college is affiliated to the University. The degree is awarded by the University. The Bodleian Library is a famous Oxford library.


Ruling on Prayers: Prayers are performed according to the time of the adjoining areas.

According to them, the day when the shuffle disappeared. Divide the time from sunset to two.


Every year, 5 infants are given to the slaves. Science, Literature, Economics are the most important services for peace. The decision is made by the Swedish Institute and a Norwegian institution. Every year on December 10, the date of the Nobel is given at City Hall.

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